Everyone sees the superstar singer performing on big stages, but seems to forget the necessary development and training taking part everyday to create vocal success.

Dive in-depth into vocal technique, anatomic study, health and musical understanding, whilst interpreting and engaging in musical performance and song study.

Don't learn to be a singer; train to be a vocalist.






Study the art of stage performance through performance coaching, and put into practice a comprehensive understanding of vocal and movement works.

Diving into stagecraft and etiquette, working with instrumentalists, basic and advanced stage forms, microphone technique, collaborative performance methods and regular set-list performance preparation, performance coaching ensures artists demand audience respect and attention in every performance.



Songwriting has always been the undercover industry success route; and now it's your turn to dive into becoming a musical mastermind.

Study traditional and contemporary writing styles and techniques, music theory, lyrical understanding and shaping, instrument study, and performance avenues, alongside real industry pitching processes, licensing programs, and a range of career-changing musical routes.

“I never thought I could do this, let alone make a career from it. But Wild Heart changed that all for me, I've come out of my shell, and can finally be the me I've always wanted to be."

“I walk into a room and am surrounded by people who care about music the way I do...
and everyone is putting blood sweat and tears into this."

“5 minutes with the Wild Heart team completely changed the way I perform, and I've been working with them ever since."

"It's not like anything out there. Personal artist development and actual technical training in the areas I want most. I honestly wouldn't do it any other way."


Train in the art of music production at Wild Heart Vocal Studios. From understanding your specified DAW, EQ tips and tricks, the ins and outs of textural production stacking, working your set-up, music theory and so much more!

As a proven successful and profitable creative career route, music production coaching stands to train the next industry music creators with the skills they need to change the world.