A performer from a young age, Nicholas Leech has kicked down doors and made a name for himself within the industry in a short amount of time. Vocally trained in classic and operatic vocal technique, Nick has performed alongside artists of world caliber. Penning hit songs and songwriting for artists across the globe, he has taken to training the next era of artists. With years of development, branding, songwriting and in-depth industry knowledge, Nick's goal; lead the way for the next musical innovators.


Solo Vocal Performance & Stagecraft, Vocal Health, Music Production and Songwriting, Artist Development


Classic and operatically trained, Simone Dawson has conquered heights like no other. As a professional vocal coach and mentor to upcoming artists within the Sydney basin, Simone has struck a match within the heart of the industry's vocal anatomy, and proves to be an unrivalled force within both vocal and artistic development of the rising musical generation. A musical innovator, Simone knows what it takes to push the industries boundaries like no other, and stands to motivate others to do the same.


Vocal Arrangements, Stagecraft, Lyrical Connection, Vocal Health, Vocal Anatomy




A seasoned performer if we've ever seen one, Alyssa is no stranger to the stage! Performing from a young age and training classically and operatically in vocal technique, Alyssa has soared through the industry, creating a lasting impact on industry professionals and performances alike. A training and development professional, Alyssa believes in thorough understanding and love for music and performance in all its entirety, and makes an impact on students unlike any other.


Solo Vocal Performance & Stagecraft, Music Theatre, Musical Expression


When you think musical theatre, you think Chemon. A stunning vocalist and stage performer, Chemon's laser focus and commitment to her craft have put her in the best of industry circles, performing alongside theatre greats, studying at the prestigious NIDA, and with credits to her name like BIG RIVER, CHORUS, and HAMILTON. Dedicated to real industry experience and gravitas, Chemon drives herself on creating positive and lasting industry change, and urges her students to stand up, deliver, and do the same!


Musical Theatre Performance/Lyrical Connection/Solo Vocal Performance


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